MAIA Advisory Board

A view of the Hecht & Stanford residential halls at the University of Miami. A photo of the Hecht and Stanford residential colleges at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus.

MAIA Advisory Board

The MAIA Advisory Board is comprised of faculty and administrators from the College of Arts & Sciences who have been integral in the development of MAIA and its ongoing success. The MAIA Advisory Board meets throughout the year to discuss programmtic issues, internship development and strageic planning. They also review applications and make decisions related to the curriculum. Each member is actively involved in the program.


Dr. Bradford McGuinn, MAIA Director, Senior Lecturer, Political Science

Board Members

Dr. Edmund Abaka, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Joseph Ganitsky, Professor of Professional Practice, International Business

Dr. Dina Moulioukova, Lecturer, International Studies

Dr. Daniel Pals, Professor, Religious Studies and History

Ambassador Paul Trivelli, Ambassador-in-Residence

Dr. Maryann Tobin, Executive Director of Programs

Dr. Jonathan West, Professor and Chair, Political Science