A photo of the inside of the Richter Library at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus. A photo of the inside of the Richter Library at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus.

MAIA Curriculum

The University of Miami’s Master of Arts in International Administration Program is a graduate degree designed to prepare students for careers in the administration of public and private organizations. Our program of study assists students in the identification, analysis and management of the complex problems that confront modern institutions. It combines academic considerations of politics and culture with those of business, finance and management to provide students with the skills necessary to pursue a range of career objectives in both domestic and international contexts.

We seek to help students to further develop their skills in writing, public speaking and critical thinking. It is our objective to provide students with the specific insights as well as the frameworks required to best navigate complicated social problems at the international level in ways that make your contribution to the organization or institution to which you become associated an indispensable one.

Curriculum: 30 Credit Hours
Length of the Program: 1-2 Years

Core Courses (18 Credit Hours)

  • IGS 611 International Organizations
  • IGS 612 International Administration
  • IGS 613 Global Cultures, Religions and Communications
  • IGS 614 World Affairs
  • IGS 615 International Economics
  • IGS 616 Organizational Administration

Electives Courses (9 Credit Hours)

You may choose to take electives offered by the MAIA program, or electives in any of the following content areas within other academic units of the university:

  • Human Rights
  • Security Management
  • Public/Global Health
  • Strategic Communication
  • International Business
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Regional studies (e.g, Latin American, the Caribbean, the Middle East)

The Capstone 

Students can chose two approaches to their capstone project. One involves a 200-hour internship with an organization culminating in a practicum report. The other involves writing a research paper on a topic in the area of your concentration.

Fast Track OptionEarn your MAIA degree in as little as 12 months. Please email maiaprogram@miami.edu for more information on the fast track option.