A stock photo of a security communications room. A stock photo of a security communications room.

The Concentration in Security Management

The MAIA program offers a concentration in Security Management, designed to prepare administrators to meet multidimensional security challenges in the post-9/11 world.  From threats posed by violent human actions to natural disasters and data security, management in times of acute crisis demands a unique array of insights and skills. This concentration is grounded in the academic, theoretical, understanding of security problems and emergency management strategies. It also emphasizes the development of the practitioner’s arts within the strategic, tactical and operational realms of security administration.   

MAIA also offers a stand-alone 15 credit Certificate in Security Management, for those who cannot commit to a full masters program.  All credits earned in the certificate program are transferrable into MAIA.  For more information, click here.

Master of Arts in International Administration with a Concentration in Security Management
IGS 611 International Organizations 3
IGS 612 International Administration 3
IGS 613 Global Cultures: Religion, Communication, and Security 3
IGS 614 World Affairs 3
IGS 615 International Economics for MAIA 3
IGS 644 Energy Security and Environmental Stability 3
IGS 645 Human Security 3
IGS 646 Civil Security Management 3
IGS 647 Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance 3
Capstone/Thesis (Choose One):
IGS 617 Practicum in International Administration1 3
IGS 820 MAIA Masters Project 3
Total Credit Hours: 30