University of Miami MAIA alumnus Samantha Reynolds

Name: Samantha Reynolds

Current Employer: Owner, Journey For The Soul

Job Title: Yoga Instructor

Field/Industry: Health & Wellness

Graduation Year: 2008 

Samantha Reynolds is an international yoga teacher based in Miami, FL. After living abroad for six years, Sam never imagined that her most significant trip would be the journey inward. Her experiences abroad ultimately led her to study yoga. She transformed her career from working in international development in Rwanda to health and wellness. Her mission is to help others find a healthy balance in life, incorporating both movement and stillness. Sam earned her Master’s from UM in 2008. Prior to UM, she studied international business at the University of Tampa. She currently teaches public and private classes throughout Miami. Her hobbies include reading, fitness, and photography. For more information about Sam, visit

Question & Answer

What made you decide to pursue a graduate education?

I initially wanted to be a human rights lawyer.

How did you discover the MAIA program, and what factors influenced your decision to enroll in the MAIA program?

I always loved UM and I was looking for a program that could compliment a law degree. I received a part-time position at the MAIA program and decided to move to Miami.

What was your favorite thing about the MAIA program?

My favorite thing about the program was studying at Charles University, Faculty of Law in Prague. It changed the course of my career.

How has your MAIA degree played a role in your career?

Because of MAIA, I stayed in Prague and helped launch the UPrague study abroad program. I lived in Prague for five years leading undergraduate students around Europe. I eventually resigned from UM to live and work in Rwanda at a non-profit for orphaned youth. All of my experiences abroad led me to study and practice yoga. I now teach yoga along with meditation and have made it my full-time career.

What advice would you give to a student considering the MAIA program?

MAIA opened new doors that I never imagined would be possible. Be open to new possibilities.